Monday, October 3, 2011

Vacation in Suzhou

This week is the second biggest Chinese holiday of the year.  Some companies give their employees the whole week off.  I took this opportunity to go see Vern Gidley in Suzhou, a town of 8 million that is an hour south of me.  Vern owns a rubber factory in Waverly and has started a factory in Suzhou.  He is also good friends with Marv Schumacher, president of Schumacher Elevator.  He invited me to spend a few days with him before he heads back to the U.S.  We are having a wonderful time working and playing together.

Lunch at Subway.  My first real American meal in a month.

You can tell these girls know Vern.  He frequents the place every weekend.

The beautifully lit modern shopping malls of Suzhou.  The lights are reflecting off the canal, and the wet sidewalks.  It was rainy lightly and about 60 degrees yesterday.

Typical evening hanging out with Vern – either having a bible study, checking the sports scores, or working on a project for a client.  It’s the first few days of real relaxation since I came to China on September 5.

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  1. It's really nice to see you enjoy a little bit of normal! Love the big smiles, Paul! Miss you!