Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Eastern Hospitality

The staff at Schumacher China have been very hospitable.  This week I was invited to eat with the Engineering Manager’s family.  He has a lovely wife and beautiful 8-year old daughter.  His mother is staying with them for a month.  They own a very modest two story condo, which is more like an apartment.  Very sparse furniture.  The couch is wooden with no cushion.  I ate with them twice this week.  As is the custom, they filled the table with food, all the while apologizing for not having much to serve me.  The kitchen was ¼ the size of mine, and the living room was also the garage for their motor scooter!  I took turns with their daughter playing the electronic piano.

The master bedroom is also the study and the music room.


  1. How sweet of them, Paul. Bet they are so excited to tell others about having you in their home. :) Was the "home cooking" better than the business food?

  2. How nice of them to open their home to you!