Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Walk To Work

Well,  I walked to work today.  It was a nice day, and besides, I left my bike at work and HAD to walk.  It is Saturday here, but everyone works on Saturday.  I feel less obligated to be at the factory at the crack of dawn, so I worked out of my home office for a few hours and then headed to the factory in time to teach my English class at 11:00.  I call it “Lunch and Learn” in my conference room.  I have 6-8 eager students every day.  So…here’s scenery from my hotel to the factory.  It takes about ten minutes on my bike and about twenty on foot.

Most highly traveled roads in the cities have a narrow road on both sides for motor scooters and pedestrians. 

This is the north entrance to the industrial park that I used to go through to get to the factory,  but they closed off the back gate to my factory inside the park, so I need to walk around the park now to the Schumacher factory front gate.  Everything around here has a guard at the entrance.  Even my hotel and other large office buildings.  

Typical transportation around here.  Most motor scooters are electric.  They have really small wheels and you can turn them off and ride them like a bicycle.  Many people turn them off as they approach their apartment building and then just pedal the rest of the way.   Since they are battery operated, the pedals also give them a way to keep going if their battery dies.  There are also lots of tricycle trucks carrying all kinds of things.  Mostly garbage, construction materials or children.

Road on west side of Industrial Park.  There are factories all the way down both sides of the road.

Approaching the Schumacher factory entrance.  A guard is always on duty.  Even at night.

Schumacher has three factory buildings. You can see two of them here.

This is coming straight in the gate.  We poured a new floor in the building on the left....

I guess there is actually four buildings.  I swing past the paint booth building on the  right to get to building number 1 where my office is.

View between buildings 1 and 2.  The offices are on the second floor of building 1.

Parking for department managers.  They can afford to own cars.

Parking for the scooters and bicycles.  This is where I park when I bike to work.

This is the entrance for the second floor offices.  This first floor is rented out to someone else.  We have the entire second floor for Purchasing, Accounting, Marketing, Engineering, Plant Manager, Assistant Plant Manager, and, of course, the Vice President for Business Development (me).  This is also the building with the Squatty Potty.  When we move into the new offfices being built in Building 3, there will be a pedestal toilet.  On the drawing plans, that small bathroom is labeled "Paul".  (thanks guys)


  1. When using one of those scooters in pedal mode; does it recharge the battery too?

  2. Good question, Tim! Only an engineer would think to ask such a question. The answer is no. These motor scooters are apparently called electric bicycles. The only way to charge the battery is to plug it in when you get home. Maybe there is an opportunity for an entrepreneur here. Manufacture these electric bicycles in China and export them to the U.S. market. They are used everywhere here. Next, we’ll manufacture and export tricycle trucks! You can redesign the electric bicycle so that the pedals will recharge the batters. Sounds like we need a small alternator…. I’m thinking Tim’s Trikes and Bikes. Caleb can join you as a partner – just like old times.