Sunday, October 23, 2011

Taking a Hike

Today was Sunday.  We were hoping they would give us the day off, and we were fortunate that they did.  I had made plans with one of the gals in the marketing department to go visit a nearby "mountain" with her boyfriend.  It looked like a fun place to explore, and I needed to take a break from working two jobs.  I still have quite a bit of work to do to finish a project for a client in Ames, but I decided to take a break and build some relationships at the same time.  It was a wonderful day.

Main walkway up the “mountain”.  This is Miss Dong and her boyfriend Mr. Su.  Dong works in the marketing department at Schumacher Elevator and Su is a mechanical engineer at a nearby Toyota plant.  A street vendor is selling fruit and drinks.

Hiking up to a scenic overlook.

View of Jingjang Town, a small village within Zhangjiagang City.

Costume shop in the park.  You can dress up and get your picture taken.  I can help but notice the hat the lady is is wearing.

Her kid was happy to pose for a picture.  I guess we were 20 years ahead of our time, Kathy.  I wonder if she makes them and sells them.  I couldn’t speak her language, so I didn’t ask! 

Fishing for goldfish at a pond halfway to the top.  We had to go back because Dong got called in to work!  That kept this blog to only seven photos.  Lucky you! 



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