Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bottoms Up!

My son-in-law Nick SyWassink e-mailed a company colleague living in Shanghai to see if he had any suggestions for how I might cope in a different culture.  Well, I found a way!  Fortunately, I read some books like Living and Doing Business in China, and so I was prepared for the never-ending toasts and the occasional “bottoms up” challenge from your guest.  The trick is to keep SOME wine in your glass so that the waitress won’t refill it, but have so little in your glass that when your guest comes over for a toast and says “bottoms up” that you don’t offend him by saying no.  Don’t show this picture to my mom!

Sales manager gets up and comes around to me for a toast.

Bottoms Up! 

Well, THAT was fire in the mouth!  (try to look pleasant, Paul)

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