Saturday, November 5, 2011

This Week in China

Work continues on the hotel swimming pool building outside my window.

View of the factory below from my office window.

Moved into the new offices at the factory.  Sorry, I haven’t had time to get all my technical journals in my bookshelf yet, Tim (ha ha).

Grocery shopping with my interpreter.  Compare this to the Fareway meat counter.  L-R Shrimp (with their heads and little eyes), duck heads (yes, they eat the brains) and pork (mostly bone, no meat).

Chicken feet and…chicken feet.  Would you like them spicy?  Edison bought a bag of six to snack on when he got home.

Typical snack for me.  Actually, this is was my supper tonight.

Lunch with a few people from the Marketing Department and Installation Departments.  Normally we eat a bland catered meal at the factory.  This was an impromptu run downtown for a few of us that were working at the Runfa building that day.  I'll tell you about the Runfa building in my next blog.

This was actually the best food I’ve ever eaten in China.  Every dish was very good.  Bethany thought you would appreciate more pictures of me, so here I am with one of the sales reps.  Note the “spoon” in my right hand.  I’m getting pretty good with the chopsticks.  I rarely eat with silverware anymore, unless I am having eggs for breakfast by myself - or oatmeal in my room. 

Annual safety inspection.  There are 36 elevators in this apartment complex.  We are in the machine room at the top of the elevator shaft.  We passed the inspection, of course. 

Visited a local company today where we outsource our laser cutting operations until we can afford to buy a machine.  Purchasing a high tech laser cutter is high on our To-Do list. 

This is a typical example of the flexibility and precision of a computer controlled laser cutting machine.  This machine can cut sheet steel up to 30mm thick. 

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