Friday, November 11, 2011

Runfa Office Building

I just realized I am doing a post on 11-11-11. There must be something special about this day. Maybe I should go get some ice cream. Oh wait, I'm in China. They don't eat anything cold here. Well, what should I do tonight at 11:11? I have a few hours to think about that.

Okay.  As promised, this post is about the corporate office building, where I also have an office on the 7th floor.  Schumacher Elevator (China) Company is a subsidiary of The Runfa Group, which owns eight large factories in this area.  The elevator company is actually very small compared to the other eight companies.  The corporate offices for all the Runfa Group factories are in this building, which is right across the street from my hotel (which is also owned by the Runfa Group).  One day I was headed for lunch with a lady from marketing and we ran into the founding owner of the all the Runfa companies.  He is a visionary who has worked hard and made a big difference in the quality of life in his community.  Mr. Yu is now 74, and stepping back from the day-to-day management.  Every time he sees me he greets me warmly.

Jia Ai Ping (pronounced Jah), me and company founder, Mr. Yu

Close-up of the front entrance.  I am posing with two engineers back in September – potential buyers.

Inside the front lobby.  Pretty ornate.  This picture was taken yesterday after the customers signed a contract for four elevators.  They drove four hours to see our company.  We always show them the best offices when they come.  I think I was saying “money” when they took the picture.  Our closing rate was 30% before I came to China. We are currently closing 90% of our deals.  The sales manager is standing next to me.  The customers are on both sides.

The marketing department.  Most of the time the marketing people are working at the factory office.  This is just to impress the customers.

My office.  I usually spend my mornings here and afternoons at the factory.

View of the inner courtyard as I head for the front gate on my bike

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