Wednesday, November 2, 2011

English Class

After a month at the factory, I decided to start teaching English class.  One of the things I have been talking about is “mutual cooperation and mutual benefit”, which is one of the company mission statements.  My job in this joint venture is to transfer technology from Schumacher USA to Schumacher China.  If we cooperate, we all benefit.  One of the ways I am building relationships is to go above and beyond the call of duty.  I am making an effort to learn the Chinese language, which they appreciate, and I also want to help them learn the English language.  Lunch time is a perfect time to teach some rudimentary English, so I have invited them all to join me for lunch in my conference room if they want to learn English.  I have about eight eager students.  


  1. your 3-dimensional scribblings are impressive!

  2. Way to go, Paul! They will learn "real" English from you. Good luck learning Chinese, though! Bet you have to develop an ear to distinguish voice inflection. And I was noticing your impressive sketches, too.