Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wining and Dining!

We wined and dined two different buyer groups from middle China in the past five days.  The second group is still here and we will have dinner with them again tonight.  It’s all about building relationships over a meal.  The first buying group was concerned about the old factory, but the fact that an American was actually here made a difference.  They perceive American products as quality products.  They agreed to purchase four escalators, and there is much opportunity for elevators from them in the future.  These buyers drove 14 hours to get here (and that is only MIDDLE China).  We will be driving to their town on Thursday.

The second group which is still in town, only drove 600 kilometers.  They are RE developers, and are building an 18 story residential high rise building in a busy downtown city.  Safety, quality and service are important to them, so that is what I talked about.  About 50% of Schumacher USA income comes from servicing elevators, so I could really speak from my heart on this issue, and they believed me, so we are on the road to a trusting relationship.  They all wanted to toast the American and have their picture taken with this tall, young looking American.

Here is a picture of an engineer and a lady from the marketing department in my office.

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