Monday, December 12, 2011

Last Few Days in China

Well, it’s December 11 and I have been home for two weeks.  I just have not taken the time to wrap up my story about my first three months in China.  It’s been a great experience.  There are many things that I did not show you, and I love talking about it and showing my pictures, so if you are truly bored and want me to punish you, ask me to show you some of the pictures of my trip – especially the awesome videos.  Here are a few shots of my last few days in China before returning home for a long Christmas break.
   Birthday party at the home of the Marketing Department Office Manager.

Birthday party at the home of the CFO (Chief Financial Officer).  The party was attended my most of the department managers and their wives and children.  

Goofing off in my office at the factory.  On my left is Ms. Jia, the marketing office manager.  Behind me is my administrative assistant, Miss. Dong.  Jia cannot speak any English, but we are great friends.  We communicate by using Instant Messenger.  She has to translate what I type to her.  Miss Dong’s English is improving daily.  I am slowing adding to my Chinese vocabulary.

Passing out candy bars to the factory workers to celebrate my upcoming birthday.  My assistant Miss Dong went around with me to help me communicate with the workers.

Posing for a photo in my office with Mr. Liu, the manager of the Service Department.  He is responsible for about 20 service and repair people who maintain the elevators on a regular basis.  I am wearing a custom-made silk jacket that was given to me Dr. Yu, one of the joint venture partners.

The entire workforce came out to the front gate for a picture with me in front of the Schumacher sign.

Lunch at a downtown restaurant with the marketing and service department staff.

Photo with some of the sales staff in the marketing offices in the Runfa corporate tower.

I just had to have a photo with the guard posted at the front lobby of the Runfa building.  I always greeted him in Chinese when I arrived in the morning and he always greeted me in English.  How would you like to sit in the same spot all day long and do nothing?  I salute the patience of this man!

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